Gold, Oil, or Bitcoin: Taking a look at the Best Ways to Invest in 2018

The gold and oil have remained the best sources of investment for a very long time and there has always been a very tough competition between these industries. But a new investment plan has now appeared on the globe and the people have found that this new way of investment is far better than others. Yes, we are talking about the most popular cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” that turned many people into billionaires within a few months. Click Here and take a look at some tips to invest your money in 2018.

This has drawn the attention of lots of investors and the investors are now thinking of investing their money in this new platform instead of gold and oil. But there is the only thing that is keeping them from investing their money in Bitcoin and that is the risk of losing their money within a few shots. Everybody knows that Bitcoin went to its peak within a few months and then it again jumped back to its original value that was a huge loss for most of the investors.

Therefore, the investors are facing difficulties in investing their money in these three popular platforms. So, here is the information that will help you decide that which way of investment is good for you.


The gold has always been a safe way of investment as it doesn’t let you lose your money at all. You can either sell it when the price rises or you can also use it personally if the price isn’t rising according to your expectation. The gold’s price always keeps fluctuating and people do not sell the gold unless it reaches their expected price.

So, you can invest your money in the Gold if you can wait for a very long time in order to enjoy the profit. However, it is a secure investment so you’d never have to be worried about losing your money.


The oil is also a good way of investment but the experts have claimed that the gold won’t produce a huge profit for the investors in 2018. So, it’s better that you stay away from investing your money in the oil industry. However, if you are living in a country where economy keeps fluctuating, then you can invest your money in the oil industry because it will secure your amount and enjoy some profit as well.


Here comes the most interesting topic of this year. If you are worried about losing your money in Bitcoin, then you should stay satisfied that you’d never lose your money here because it is the future and you are contributing to building the future by investing your money in Bitcoin. However, we do not guarantee about fraudulent sellers. Therefore, you should check the reviews of sellers on before you place an order to purchase Bitcoin.

The expert analysts have predicted that the bitcoin will reach the value of $30000 till the end of this year. So, which business can produce such a huge profit for you in such a short span of time? It’s the time to step into this business otherwise, you’d regret your decision in future.

The Dangers of Working in the Oil Fields and Why a Life Insurance Policy is a Must

The oil fields play an important role in improving the economy of a country. But it takes a lot of hard work to convert different types of oils into useful materials. Usually, there are machines working in the oil fields that take out the oil and then turn it into the useful form so that it can be delivered to the relevant department.

But there are some areas where humans are also required to take care of the machines. And some workers are supposed to keep an eye on whether the machines are working properly or not.

There is no doubt that these workers get a handsome salary because they are performing one of the most dangerous jobs in this world. But this salary won’t help in supporting your family if something critical happens to you while working in the oil fields.

There is no doubt that oil fields have become a lot secure nowadays but the risk factor is still there and you can never predict what’s going to happen when you are working in the oil fields.

So, the life insurance policy can help you stay satisfied that your family will find financial support if something happens to you on the oil fields. Sometimes, the aged people may find it difficult to get approved for a life insurance. We recommend that you must consider choosing the senior life insurance with no waiting period.

Thus, you’d be able to provide the financial support to your family after going through a tragedy. Here are the dangers you may suffer from while working in the oil fields.


You will be working with the machines while you are in the oil fields and sometimes, a machine may start behaving differently. Thus, you may suffer from the injuries if you could not control the machine. These injuries are sometimes so dangerous that they won’t let you leave your bed again. So, who’d earn money for your home while your children are also young?

In this situation, the only thing that can help you is the life insurance. The life insurance policy provides you complete protection if you get suffered a severe injury while working in the oil fields. Most of the times, the companies purchase the insurance policies for their employees but if your company has not purchased one for you, you should purchase it so that you may stay satisfied about your children’s future.


There are some rare cases when a person died while working in the oil fields. The companies did nothing about supporting their family and the families suffered a lot after the death of the head of the family. So, if you want to provide protection to your family, you must purchase a suitable life insurance policy so that your family may not have to struggle a lot to continue their lives. Click Here and find more information about the dangers of working in the oil fields.

How you can recover from bad credit if you’ve filed for bankruptcy?

If you have filed for a bankruptcy, then you must keep in mind that it will not only affect your finances but it will also put a severe impact on your credit score. Most of the people believe that recovering from bad credit after a bankruptcy is impossible and therefore they do not make any efforts to recover from bad credit.

If you are also the one that believes that recovering from bad credit after a bankruptcy is impossible, then you must read our article because this article will completely change your thoughts on this topic. You must also take a visit to the to understand that how you can recover from bad credit after filing for bankruptcy.

First of all, you must be happy to know that you can recover from bad credit after filing for bankruptcy. And you can also attain a credit score of 700 or even 750 if you considered establishing proper financial habits. You should be very careful and responsible about this process so that you may make it happen. The good credit history will help in getting better rates and it will also enable you to obtain credit.

Here are the basic tips that you can use to recover from bankruptcy if you have filed for a bankruptcy.

Stay consistent

The consistency is the most important element that can help in rebuilding your credit score after filing for bankruptcy. You need to make sure that you meet all the credit obligations on time and you should also build a habit of paying all your bills on time. This will gradually help in improving your credit score. You must maintain this habit for at least seven years because delinquencies do not disappear from your credit report before seven years.

Review your credit report

You must have a clear understanding of where you stand with regards to credit if you want to start rebuilding your credit. And you must also make an estimate of how much time it would take to attain your expected credit score. You must have a goal of achieving at least 700 score if you want to properly recover from bad credit.

File dispute

While reviewing your credit report, you may also find some incorrect information that needs to be changed. So, if you find such kind of information on your report, you must immediately file a dispute so that you may get them changed. This will definitely help in improving your credit score.

Do not close your accounts

A large portion of the credit score depends on the credit history. Your credit limit decreases when you close accounts and it may lower your credit score. Therefore, you must avoid closing those accounts so that you may maintain a better credit score. Here are some other tips on how can you recover from bad credit if you have filed for bankruptcy.

How businesses can protect themselves with the right insurance?

A business is always at a great risk right from the day it started. The entrepreneur needs to move every step very carefully because whatever steps he takes during this journey play an important role in improving or damaging the standard of his business. You must make sure that you are following all the legal actions to keep your business safe and secure.

A business can suddenly vanish from the earth right after one lawsuit or catastrophic event. Therefore, you must take all the important steps that can help in making your business safe and secure. Fortunately, there are multiple insurance options available that business can use to protect themselves against several harmful events and dangers.

In today’s article, we will talk about some important things to help you understand that why you should buy the perfect insurance plan to protect your business from several disasters. Here are some important tips on how businesses can protect themselves with the right insurance.

It’s the law

It is a restriction by the legal authorities that all the business should buy an insurance plan that is suitable for them. For example, professional indemnity insurance for consultants is considered to be the perfect insurance plan that can help them stay safe in different situations. Similarly, there are some insurance plans that are perfect for different types of businesses. So, if you want to protect your business from different legal actions, then you must buy a suitable insurance plan today.

Not having insurance is considered to be an illegal act. Therefore, you must avoid such kind of problems otherwise, you’ll have to suffer from heavy fines and civil or criminal penalties.

Protecting your employees

Most of the insurance plans that are designed for the businesses are not only focused on protecting your products and services but they are also focused on protecting your employees from several issues because employees are also the most important asset of a company as they play an essential role in running a business successfully. Even in some conditions, the employees are more valuable than other assets. Therefore, you must be very careful about your employees. Protecting your employees is not only good for the employees but it is also good for your protection against liability claims or lawsuits.

Requirement of some contracts

If you are running a business where you handle the projects of different clients, then insurance is really important for you because most of the clients prefer hiring the companies that have purchased a valuable insurance plan because it helps clients stay satisfied that there project will be taken very carefully and it will stay safe from all types of damages. Here is some additional information on how businesses can protect themselves by purchasing the right insurance.


In late 2005, ANP (the government department responsible for oil and gas licences) put some 17 onshore marginal oilfields up for auction to local and international companies. The oilfields were described as “marginal” as they were all once owned and operated by Petrobras. However, 10 years ago Petrobras decided it was uneconomic for them to continue operations and closed them down so as to concentrate on their offshore interests. Some 163 companies tendered bids ending with a real “Dutch auction” where companies were openly invited to outbid each other in the same room. Many of these companies were individuals with no background in oil and gas.

Although we like the opportunities onshore Brazil, we decided not to bid for any of these licences but instead to observe how the process would pan out. As we suspected many licences were won by “rogue elements” who in the end were desperately trying to farm out their licence before the expiry of the date when they had to put up the guarantee money to ANP. Many of the successful bids were returned to ANP with the winning bidders unable to put up the necessary guarantee money. Most of these were taken up by the second highest bidder in all but one case.

The Company has aligned itself with a local engineering contractor based in Rio to help monitor events in Brazil. We signed a joint venture agreement with Proen Engenharia e Manutencao (Proen) on the 27th March and intend to bid in the 8th round on a 50/50 basis with Gold as Operator.

Proen have over 700 employees and sites in the most industrialised parts of Brazil and we see them as an excellent joint venture partner for a new country.

We believe Petrobras, who had a sole monopoly on all oil and gas exploration in Brazil up until around 15 years ago neglected the onshore scene when the offshore was auctioned off to international oil companies. It’s only in the last few years that there has been any competition to Petrobras in the onshore licences and most of this is from local companies.

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Target Areas of Interest

Gold Oil PLC is a newly-incorporated company that has been established in order to identify and acquire projects in the oil and gas sector, with particular emphasis on Central and Southern America, and initially focused on Peru. Such projects may be acquired through direct investment, or by acquiring all or part of an existing or newly-formed company or business.

The Company presently faces limited competition, as there are few, North American or European oil and gas companies operating in Northern Peru. This is, however, changing rapidly as more and more companies see the opportunities available. Additionally, the Company will benefit from a low-cost workforce. The Executive has spent the last twelve years working in the region, and believes that they have the contacts and local knowledge to capture and exploit economically attractive opportunities.

The Directors believe that their broad collective experience in the area of mergers and acquisitions and corporate and financial management in relation to small and medium sized businesses will assist them in the identification and evaluation of acquisition opportunities.

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