There is certainly an abundance of software engineers in the world today, and that is certainly not going to change anytime soon. The many professions have also made it certain that they have a necessity for software engineers, and even that isn’t going to change. Therefore it is all working in a perfect balance. This would be some great news for all of the people who are still pursuing their engineering studies. According to many popular job sites, the average engineer makes a base salary of $ 100,000, and the profession can also be accredited to 25% of the entire employment growth in the past 8 years, and that is one of the best things ever because people having employment means that there is a roof over their heads and also stable meals whenever they like.

Here is a list of great industries for software engineers.

–    The retail industry is undoubtedly one of the biggest industries that will always be successful. Do you know why? People love to shop, that’s why. Malls are one of the main reasons why retail stores are so successful. If you go take a walk on any well-known street, you will find retail stores at every end of them. That is actually a great thing because you know that they are doing well; they are doing well because of their faithful and loyal customers that love their brand and are staying loyal to them. One of the best examples for retail stores would be GAP, Forever 21, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, etc. These are brands that have thousands of retail stores all across the planet, and retail stores are one of the reasons that they are so successful. This is the biggest industry that a software engineer can step foot into.

–    The healthcare industry strives for doctors and is survived by doctors. But it also needs software engineers to create and run the software side of it. Hospitals and so many medical organizations are coming up with machines that will help them do their job in an easier way, one such example is SaaS Billing solution which helps reduce customer churn with the help of frictionless billing solution.

–    Research and development of multiple industries happens so smoothly because of software engineers who are experts in their own field of work. Research needs computers and in some cases, supercomputers. That is essential in some cases. Supercomputers cost a fortune and can only be built by software engineers who are experts in that field.

–    Silicon Valley and high tech companies have been hiring software engineers from all around the world, because that is where they belong.

Some Great Industries When It Comes To Software Engineering